when new updates and new airports arrive the game is getting boring

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Just be patient. It might be a few months, when MCT got added that took a few months and so did 1.4.3. Just be patient.

They just added a bunch of stuff with 1.4.4 and 1.4.5, this is not EA Sports or Epic, they don’t have huge budgets and scores of developers to build updates every week. If anything right now the updates are coming faster than they used to.

LEJ is the next airport and by my guess will come out either at Christmas or in January. It takes a HUGE amount of coding to make these work and trust me when I say it will need a lot of testing before it is released.

I also know they are working on other airports, but no I do not know which ones they are.

Upshot: give them a break. This has only just turned from a pet project to an actual game. Updates will come and you should be happy when they do. If you are getting bored. This isn’t the game for you. That’s not how this one works I’m afraid


I’m pretty sure they are in the final stages of bug testing at LEJ considering they have already posted pictures of the airport in game. I know they don’t want to rush an unfinished product, and to add airlines won’t take much time.

I can tell you, they are not that far along yet. I will admit they are quite a way along. But it’s not being tested yet.

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Hopefully multiplayer alliances will be included in the next update, the game definitely needs more dynamics, and multiplayer alliances would be a start.


I dont think that multiplayer alliances will be added in the next update.

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This post on FB is more hopeful:


In terms of infrastructure I agree you are right. All I am saying is they are not at the testing stage yet, at least not one that would infer close to completion for an update that’s for sure.

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I have a feeling they are only bug testing the airport right now, considering it takes the most time. Once the airport is done, then they will make the aircraft models and apply the liveries.

I think it’s the inclusion of ‘very soon’ that gets people excited and expectations rise. One persons very soon might be 2 days, another’s might be 2 months.
I’d agree with you, somewhere around the years end is where I see the next big update.

That’s exactly what triggered me to post this. I assume (which can make an ass of u and me :yum:) that the devs are aware of wordchoice in social media platforms and resulting expectations.


nope. not yet, maybe basic alpha testing, but i can guarantee you they are not doing general testing on that yet. Also the aircraft models are done for the most part as they are showing up as such on the feedback page.

My rule of thumb was always 2 weeks after the bug fix item on the feedback page. But having completed recent testing of the game, it’s not an exact science by any stretch of the imagination.

A new airport is going to require a ton of very specific testing, so very soon in that respect as @Gardscoigne says, can mean a very different situation to that of an update that includes new aircraft and features.

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New airport it’s good, but it’s more content update, what game is need, more like some activity content, I don’t mind repetitive process’s, if it give you a lot of fun in process. For now, you open airport, max it out, buy planes, begin farm GP, and that’s all. More replayability. Maybe some kind time-limit event airport with some prizes, some hard time weekly, monthly event’s. Maybe some changes for airport gameplay. Plus need some plane rebalance, because mostly of them not used, and I don’t see why I should use them. They just there. no role for S planes, we have E170/175, but what reason to use them?

I understand that developers want to have fair +/- realistic gameplay, because if you will make some changes game will become from World of airport’s to World of Fantasy Airport’s, with “magic” and service “Elf”.

What good use of event airport? it’s mass test of some futures for core game.

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It’s been awhile since a update and if this is the case then I would have to believe that the hunt and peck method of programing is in use here.

A lot to unpack here, but I will do my best.

  1. You can’t win with this. Players scream for new airports as soon as the previous one comes out. plus from a revenue standpoint, Devs will likely generate more revenue from a new airport and as such will then allow them the funds to build more.
  2. Activity Content - I don’t disagree with this, but time-limited event airport, isn’t going to work with this model, it’s too complicated to build just for a short term thing and not cost effective to so so. That said, some kind of event’s within the game would be good and could easily be incorporated. it.
  3. This is where I have a big issue with your comments. There’s absolutely a role for S planes in all the airports that exist whether it’s the E170/E175 or the CRJ700, the BIG problem is many people focus on the big shiny things called A380’s and 747’s that many go for and leave the S planes behind. If you run the airports as actual airports, you would be able to fit those aircraft in quite easily. If you are talking unrealistic… right there is your answer…
    IAD you can run them all around the locality on short runs to local and regional airports, like IAD actually does. M planes to domestic destinations say across country or bigger destinations as needed and LX to the intercontinental runs. What it really says, is people aren’t (rightly or wrongly) playing the game the way it was intended
  4. New Functionality - We have to remember there’s still a small team here. Is it getting bigger, yes I believe so and you can see that from the speed at which new aircraft are being added for example. They are working as fast as they can to make this the best game that it is. Folks have to also remember this started as a pet project and has turned finally into a business in it’s own right (there’s a reason the other branding has been removed from the game).

really? a while since an update.

1.4.4.came out about 2 weeks ago
1.4.5 came out 8 days ago.

Am I missing something here?


Oh, I didn’t realize anybody was calling it a update. It was all cosmetics.

Even the devs call it an update, see screenshot at the bottom? what’s your definition? A new Airport?

Officially, the 1 doesn’t change because it’s always V1 of the program, may go to 2 if there was ever a significant UPGRADE to the platform and supporting coding structure of the game, but it’s more likely if that were to happen it would become WOA2 anyway.

1.4 is the current state of the game which is considered an update version. It will likely move to 1.5 when LEJ is released, no guarantee, but I suspect that will be the case, as it moved to 1.4 when MCT went through.

1.4.4 and 1.4.5 are considered minor updates, but they do change the functionality of the game with extra items and bug fixes. Some would consider them Critical Updates due to the bug fixes, but nonetheless Updates they are, as they added features.