Variability in play needed

After long hours of play have got good at this but now am looking at some variability in play such as

  • Planes with different passenger loads, speeding or delaying departures
  • Passenger loading variable timing, due to late passengers perhaps.
  • Servicing variability due to fuel or catering issues
  • Engine malfunctions and unexpected emergency landings
  • Parking Slots closed for repairs or inspections

All the above to build some kind of pressure on the player. Bring an edge to the game.

Its becoming a tad monotonous and easy (but still enjoyable). Thanks.


another nice feature would be a strike by your ground crew that you can end by paying them extra money.

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It would be really cool, the game as it , is with everyday difficulties, like the famous airline tycoon game.


I know emergency landings are planned.

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