Voting for livery and airlines problem

When I vote and for something and submit it my vote semms not to be counted. Am I doing something wrong?

Dont worry they are counted - we see all in developement board that is connected to Feedback Portal

Ok thx,

Just one more question. Where should I post or send my ideas? Keep up the good work. Iā€™m currently grounded due to the Corona events with an uncertain future. So your game is perfect to get my thoughts away from all that for bit.

There is send idea button in the upper right corner.

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on the feedback page? i just have a sign out button. :roll_eyes:

btw is spirit airlines planned or if not can you add it please? would be something more colourful than those nowadays standard liveries

If you use mobile version, the button is in the lower left corner.:wink:

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@shill And how many liveries are planned to creat after the choices? (1 per each aircraft?):blush:

Dont know yet but 1 for each type from community votes probably. Pity some conmented but forgot to set importance and that is accounted not comment.