Washington traffic of own a/c

Finding it very hard to send own a/c out of Washington due to small and medium a/c having the same airports to send to, so when you send one a/c type it takes airport out for other a/c type, in need for different airports to send a/c too.


I totally agree. S & M aircraft have (except 1) almost the same destinations, so it doesn’t make sense to have S aircraft at IAD. PRG, BRI & INN have way more options. If it’s not too difficult to implement more destinations would be great in general at all airports.

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Any updates on this? e.g. some west coast destinations (SEA, SFO, LAX…) for M-aircraft would be cool. If you can’t add more destinations to a group of aircraft maybe those existing ones could be diversified, like replacing a New York destination of S-aircraft with YUL or YYZ.

I think new destinations will appear soon - together with some urgent fixes for IAD traffic. Wait for announcements.

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