Weekly challenge

What about having a weekly challenge as an special event every now and then? Since the existing challenges might be completed by many of us there could be a special challenge like sending e.g. 100 aircrafts from airport X to airport Y in one week. This challenge can be available for one month and in the next month there could be a new one. What do you think about that?


I agree, it would be extremely nice to have that.


I doubt they are completed by many :slightly_smiling_face:

weekly events not yet in coding but something special can soon start series of “events”, well I can not say more I haven’t seen it yet.


Possibly if you complete Events you can earn special Liverys or even earn golden planes. Thats my opinion but you can add whatever.


Here’s my suggestion for the weekly/month challenge.
1 - The challenge should be sending X amount of Y type planes to a destination Z (probably one that isn’t as lucrative and thus is usually ignored). While the challenge can be completed with non player aircraft there is obviously an advantage to owning a fleet.
2 - To Participate in the Event you need to unlock a specific gate/hangar off the beaten path that is otherwise unused.
3 - Some events could last a week and be hosted at the medium sized airports like PRG. Others monthly at large airports like IAD. Others could last a day or two at small airports like INN, BRI. This allows the developer some time and flexibility in schedules.

4 - Purely for fun; statistics could be kept on which Country/Region sent the most passengers to the target destination.

5 - The prize, while all of us want more Gold Planes … there are other prizes than I think fit better.
Everybody seems to enjoy the water salutes, helicopter sightings and most of us who weren’t around back in 2018/19 would love to see a Concorde. I think a more worthwhile prize is a one time visit from an exotic plane, and with it a water salute. There is no shortage of unique planes that could visit (I know some probably carry legal implications) using the base planes that are already in the game:
Air Force One, The Tupelov Tu-144 (strongly resembles the Concorde), 747 Cargo, Military versions ATR72, Firefighting BAe146, A320 Cargo, FedEx planes, B737s used for military and Cargo purposes, DHL planes, The American hand-egg team The Patriots have their own plane … The list goes on and on.
Anyway that’s my 2 cents.


That’s a lot but I like it!


Thats a great idea!

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Great, or it could be quick challenge (or during couple days only) with realtime world afairs (to be more gamificatinable).
Example: due to epidemic we need to transfer many people from GB to CZ. Please send X planes (or transfer Y people) as repatriation fligths from LHR to PRG in next 24 hours and you will get bonus XY W money.
And etc stories…