Westjet can't make up their mind

I have Toronto arrivals, and the game make up its mind wether is a Saab or a dash 8, and keeps swapping them, both are westjet, and it’s swapped out the q400 for another Saab, it’s getting in my nerves and I don’t know why it’s doing it

Normally the second one should be a dash 8

That happened to me as well in PRG. When I started playing it. An A380 swaps to a 747F.

That’s an extremely bigger price of confusion

Thing is it changed it twice to three times now, when I first got Toronto, I got the dash 8, then it swapped to the Saab then back to the dash 8, NOW it’s swapped the ARRIVAL I Chose as a dash 8 to a Saab, I’m an airline and plane collector (meaning I try to get as much difference as I can) so it’s really annoying

As of this morning, it’s swapped back

IT SWAPPED Back except this time I had medium bought and it swapped that too, so I think it’s Toronto itself at washington

It used to be air north operating in the route then westjet took over

Still swapping, anytime I restart the app or there is a connection error