What airport is best for making a fleet?

I have been wondering for a while now, what airport is best for growing a fleet and what planes should I get first?

INN and BRI are too small. PRG and IAD is the best option but if there is a very long queue, then choose PRG. I handle my 25 planes at PRG.

Ok, thanks! I’ll try both

Wich planes should I get first though??

Depends on how and how long you play. After a while you have a considerable fleet in any airport. Through helping others to get the achievements I already have fleets of 50+ planes also on INN and BRI.
And @Rito is right. The first considerable fleet you get is in PRG.

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The cheapest plane to get is the E190 as it can fly long distances. If you buy Small-tier planes then they will come back fast and wait though I have 15 Small and 10 M. You must send them on the longest route. I send my planes to-
Small planes- Moscow, Madrid, Rhodes, Tbilisi, Lisbon and Muscat.
Medium planes- 1 to IAD, 1 to NGO, Addis Ababa, Tel Aviv and Muscat. (I think there are more but I forget)

And also when you get enough money and golden planes, buy the 787.

For now I am using the E190’s to buy the golden planes and Saab’s to buy Muscat. My goal is to buy the 787.

Also remember to not spend too much because planes need maintenance.

I was planning to get the E190 next, got crj700from achievement in IAD

Use all the planes you get and E190’s of course.

E190 in progress from PRG achievement need like 80 mor tho :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

It’s easy if you handle a lot of planes, also you can buy them.

Hey there. I also started first fleet building in PRG and as @Rito mentioned above E190 are awsome for the start. To get that achievement for unlocking E190 is quite easy, just unlock few more routes with Austrian, Dolomiti or Lufthansa air lines, because they will arrive often with 190s. And yep, main problem with PRG is its runaway, but everything is possible :+1:

PRG have few good destination:

OVB Novosibirsk 2411
SHJ Sharjah 2410
DXB Dubai 2408
This 3 destintation give you like 12 M planes, that can flay with same time, 5 hour 20-25 min.
TBS Tbilisi 1366 5S for AT76 it’s like 5 hour.
At least 17 your planes can fly in same time.
Plus DXB Dubai have 3L slot’s.

Obviously, almost every airport has that. My planes can’t come in until 35 mins has passed and after 10 mins they are ready to go.

Yup that’s true, at least IAD is moving a little faster than PRG. What i have noticed on PRG that if you set runway priority to 1:2 or 1:3 it is posible to fill it a bit faster ( usually from 3-6 planes at 1:1 to 6-10 at 1:2 with all tiers) and queue moves abit faster too

I don’t really do that. I use 3:1 but I understood what happens if I put 1:3. Also I send all my planes at once so when I am done, I can just leave.

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