What are you developing now...?

Just a few days ago, Top Gun was introduced. And just the other day we learned of the development of a new play airport. So what are they working on now, has the B777 rework progressed since then? When do you guys expect the next update to be roughly when?

Just check the feedback section on the WoA website to see what the devs are currently working on and what might introduced in the next update. The devs have also teased graphical updates to the airports that are already in the game; however that, as well as the next airport, likely won’t be introduced anytime soon.

WoA planned additions

I am aware of that page. I just wonder if it’s really being developed, since there’s been a lot of information coming out lately that’s not on there.

Rework of 777 is finished. Now painting of choosen liveries is in progress. Also works on new airport are in heavy progress. But for know I dont know about expected date of next big update. Please follow also feedback portal because devs put there all things that are almost done or approved for develoment but still in progress. Upcoming updates are very sophisticated for team and that’s why not every info is updated on portal constantly.