What benefit are WOA aircraft?

So I’m somewhat new to the game. I’ve been playing it for a little while. Something that I’ve noticed is that in the achievement section and the level section, you get rewarded from time to time with it golden WOA aircraft coming and landing at your airport. There are also times you get other aircraft that come and land as well.
Do these planes have any special property that I’m missing? All of them just seem like normal flights that just come and go. Am I missing something? Is there something special I need to do with them?


hi, they are all normal aicrcraft except it has a price bonus (I think its 1.5 value of a normal plane). An dyou get a golden airplane. For WOA Aircraft. However the other ones (not golden) are all the same value just. Its exclusive unless you buy the destination it is coming from.

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So I would only get the golden airplane as well if I have the destination they are coming from purchased? I’ve had the golden planes land several times at my airport and none have left me a golden airplane yet