What exactly is dynamic snow cover?

It is said that snow will be added in the next update. Will a snowplow on the runway be added in the future? And do they apply to snow cover other than Leipzig? Finally, when will these updates come?

Dynamic snow cover will happen when the weather in that location changes to snow. It will primarily be in INN and PRG but LEJ is also likely and on the odd occasion IAD. Again depending on the actual weather in that location.
Before INN was set up to have permanent snow in the winter months. This is an extension of that.
Bonus, not only the ground will be covered, you may see snow in other places too…

Not aware of snowplowing coming, but the devs may have that up their sleeves. If they do they are being very quiet about it, at least in the conversations I’ve had.

As for the update, the current update is in final testing (because I’m one of the folks looking at it), it will primarily be bug fixes and the items shown on the feedback page as I’ve not seen anything else much. Not to say there won’t be, but I’m not seeing it), so I would say as a guess either later this week or next week.


Thank you!!

Where do you see what will be added in the next update?

It’s in that section of the feedback page on the WOA site and I’ve also been testing it.