What happens at the destination?

I’ve been playing for a year… the past 3 months have been with a strategy rather than random, so I pay more attention to timing.

  1. Why would an arrival time to the destination change? I sent an E190 SAN NGO, arrival 17:11 and while watching it, it changed to 17:22. Weather? Surely the devs haven’t spent the time factoring in a 10 minute delay. Cool, if so.

  1. How long do planes stay at the destination before returning?

  1. This is important so you know when to send more planes to the destination before the previous set returns. In the case SAN-NGO, there are two M slots, but if you time the NGO return right, you can send two more M planes while the first two are returning.

Yes, my wife thinks I overthink this.

From my past analysis there is a 7 minute turnaround time for non playable airports, that might have changed since I checked it. But you are in the ballpark for sure

Correct, I believe once the aircraft completes its servicing the original departure slot frees up so you can send more.

Let me add here. So you are talking about both airports that are user playable. Even if you don’t have a connection, if you send an aircraft to user playable airport, it will take more time that you can calculate it will never be immediate return. If you have a connection it will wait for 4 hours for that connection to let the flight land on his airport. Which means it will send a notification to the user and wait for him to switch the game on and open that airport and let the flight land. Else, the flight will find the next available user playing that airport at the time and make an offer to him. If you don’t have connection, ovce it reaches the destination, it will hunt for a user who is currently playing the game and give him an opportunity. Incase there is no one playing it will have a standard turn around time.


Wow, super helpful Mayank. Thank you.

On this note, while I service user-owned planes as often as possible, sometimes I know I will have to shut down the game before i can complete the turn around. Is there a penalty in any way for this? Or, for committing to service a user-owned plane and then leaving (that would be ultimate worst case).

I am not sure about this. I am also wondering on the same lines. But what I have observed is following:
If I accept a user flight and do not service it in time and quit the game. Scenario 1 if I come back in few minutes. Say 15 mins. I see the flight in red and leaving without command. Scenario 2 if I come back in few hours, i don’t see that flight anymore.