What is the use of 50 stands when the landing frequency is constant

Hey everyone,

This really bugs me because I can’t seem to understand this…

I always end up with 30 planes that are in the air just waiting to land. The landing frequency i.e. the touch on the ground, seems to be consistent whether there are 5 planes waiting to land or 100.
So I had around 25 small planes incoming, 20 medium, 10 large and 10 XL.

As a test i disabled all small arrivals and some 8 medium ones. This doesnt seem to influence anything: i still have a huge tail of planes that are waiting to land but only now there are no small planes.
This would mean that if you have enough XL planes , you can cancel all other arrivals so that you have a cycle of arrivals that is just big enough to have consistent landing without needing extra planes of a smaller size.

I must be missing something because like that you would have just the same repitition of xl planes and all new arrivals that you unlock, you wouldnt need those.

Thanks if anyone can clear this up :slight_smile:


There is two way to play the game.
First for fun, like some people do.
they will tell you, to play every plane. That specific airport designated to use this type of planes. etc.

Second like gamer, that look for most effective use of game resources.
And when You research game mechanics, and find a way to use them with most profit.
And in this point you find few thing’s. Especially if you want to get maximum per some amount of time.

  1. Not all generic plane good, some of them even enemy of your time and patience.
    You never will use any type of S planes. You will never buy S planes. Why?
    Waste of time. If I have time to land 5 planes, I better land any large than S plane.
    Game don’t give you any reason to use S plane. (I already sold all S plane that go from achievement reward).
    If airport have capability, you will land only L/X planes, why managing your fleet of M planes.
    Logically you think, the bigger plane, the bigger reward you get. And they said to you, nah not in my duty. Some X plane from some destination give you less W, than L planes from same destination. And most funny 748F give you less money or same amount than 777F, but you loose more time on it.

  2. Game don’t give you any reward for using some thing, or reward so small that you don’t want to waste time on it. Yep, connection. 100 silver planes for 100 planes. No use of connection destination, if you don’t do connection activity, cause of 4 hour waiting time (generic destination like 9-10 minutes).
    With out any possibility to turn off, this option. (In State of Decay 2, you can choose, allow multiplayer option, or play in single option, if first thing you don’t have game pause, in second you have game pause).
    And player plane, they don’t give a lot of (W) wollars, compare for generic planes. but take you time, especially when some people send something like 777/380 and you get for them like 1000-1100(W). But you will loose you time. And yes, if they don’t your connection partners you don’t get anything.

  3. Game have vey slow gameplay. it’s like plus and minus. But sometimes you want some process will be “littler” faster. Yep, I talk about you taxing time, especially if you take few minutes.


Yeah this annoys me too. I wish it was more realistic. Make each flight turn around time different, even have some be Remain Over Night which would also make the game more challenging for gate space