What planes have Special Liveries?

Hello everyone I’m new to the forum but not to the game. I have a question which planes have special liveries in the game. And I think the devs should definitely add more.

Special paintwork is usually only available as an event. So they are one-offs.

I can only remember the following special paint jobs that you can get in-game as a contract (by leveling up):

MCT: Qatar B777W FIFA WC 2022 Livery
MCT: Emirates A388 livery “Be part of the Magic”
NGO: Skymark B738 Pokémon Livery

But maybe I’m forgetting some.

Otherwise, there are over 100 special liveries which, as I said, are only available once via events

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Well which ones can I buy for my fleet

The only ones you can buy for your fleet are the ones available in the hangar or given as rewards as noted above but that’s it.