What’s going on with 2.1?

November is already passed and still no update.

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Still November where I am… and the answer is this… The update is essentially complete, all the features are done. There was one issue that I found during final testing, which needed to be fixed prior to release and I’m waiting to see if it becomes a final build test or it goes straight into production.
Otherwise just waiting to know it has hit the google/apple stores and then it takes time for them to approve the final public release.


thank you for information!

I live in Canada so it’s still November here too. It’s currently 3p.m. So does that mean I can expect the update tonight?

Still in November for me it is currently 8 o clock at night where I live

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Also when you say it usually takes a while for them to approve of it does that mean a couple hours or a couple days?

Depends, on average 24 hours after submission

Do you know when they submitted? I just want to know how long I’m staying up tonight(waiting for the update :sweat_smile:)

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Don’t wait up. I did not say they “had” submitted, just that it takes 24 hours when they do


I can wait as long as I want, unless until it passed half of December, then…


I would also start to get concerned because at that point there’s no way they are going to release that and lhr in a span of 15 days. That being said I still trust that it will be released either tomorrow or Saturday.


Don’t hold your hopes up at this point it will come when it will come.


As long as they don’t reset levels to 0!!!

Ya I guess

2.1 will not be resetting levels to 0, that I can confirm.

LHR is still slated for end of month, so I am not sure where 15 days comes from.

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Why would they do that updates never do that

The reason I said that because during version 1 used to happen in certain updates

Oh yeah but that won’t happen with the new leveling system

I’m curious to see some Social Media post of the work in progress for LHR like they did for SXM