When will the sanctions end

I m sick and tired of not being able to download WOA in the App Store just cause I live In Russia. I would like to play the game and I feel that I as a Russian citizen i m paying the price for something I didn t even do therefore I m furious for not playing this game and missing out on new contents and updates. I just need a confirmation or an estimation from Haug.Land when will WOA be available AGAIN in the Russian App Store/ Google play.

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don’t seem like anytime soon bro :pensive:

That s what I m afraid of

Don’t worry man, it aint your fault :sob:. You just have a corrupt leader who wants nothing but power and riches.


Devs have said categorically WOA will not return to Russian App Store. Or will Russian airlines etc. return to the game until such time as Russia leaves Ukraine.
It’s not going to change and to avoid getting into a political discussion about it all I’m going to lock this thread.