Whether there are regional restrictions on game playability

I found this game in the apple store in mainland China, but I always failed to log in the game after downloading, and it always showed that the connection failed and the version of the game had not been properly verified. May I ask if your version of the game is only available for North America? Or as long as the download area apple stores in various countries around the world can play, you can provide a more open and optimize technically log in game, just like you before AirportPRG simple log in game, playability is quite good, because the game is really fun is very creative, hope you can solve this problem from the technology, I also hope to be able to more and more people can play this game, hope a version update our area in other countries can play the game, thank you!

That is only due to your connection to server (not validated version). There is no restriction for any country/region set. Probably China great firewall has some impact here as well.

However it was working ok for me in Shanghai October this year with VPN in use.

AirportPRG was offline game there was no game server so that should not be compared even.

Thank you for your reply and Suggestions, but I would like to ask you what VPN software can be connected to make the game work, thank you!

I was using Bestline as on Android connection to google is necessary to even run the game.

Not sure about apple (not apple guy here).