Which is better IAD or NGO

Which is better IAD or NGO


NGO is kinda boring in international routes so go for IAD. IAD also has 2 runways meanwhile NGO only 1

Ok if you want you can send me some contracts in IAD.

NGO is good if you what lots of Large aircraft however I will say that if you want Sliver aircrafts quickly I will recommend IAD.
But I will say that the scenery at NGO and SAN are outdated as NGO was released in Pre 1.0 and SAN was released before 2.0

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San doesnt have any 3d scenery as well

That’s is what I said that both NGO and SAN scenery are outdated

So ngo doesn’t have it either?

Correct I have been playing WOA for almost 5 years in fact IAD was under development when I first played and I have been playing NGO for a bit.

Like compared to SXM or? Because SAN seems pretty decent compared to IAD and on par or better than INN I think.

Compared to the newer airports so like sxm

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