WOA 2.0 Release Bug Reports - POST HERE ONLY

Thanks. Screen count has dropped to 36/36. Cards remain at 32.

See how that flag not moving, game freezes If Leave it running and go to my homescreen.

According to the notification, another player has accepted my connection request, but I cannot start handling the plane when I go into NGO.

How can I establish a permanent connection to another player? A contract with a random player seems to me not permanent?

Is there a way to find out if my planes were randomly handeld by other players?

That means I have to know the nickname of the player and there is no more ‘random’ assignment like in the old version?

Correct, the random ones are now done via the contract options. You could take the name of the random person and send them a contract request that way.
Historically the “random connection “ option didn’t work out very well for most people, hence its removal, but the random contract is meant to replace it and get random flights to your airport

How many owned planes do you have, they don’t show In the “active” cards, but only in the “my fleet” cards in the “fleet” section

Ok, thanks for your explanations. But how do I get the correct player names that I want to request and is there a dependency on the selected airport?
The names in the forum do not necessarily correspond to the names used in the game.

Use the threads in the connections section of the forum to request connections, folks will post their in-game name accordingly

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Thanks :pray:

Use the provided threads please, they have existed long enough people should know this, yet people still create their own topics
Read. The. Rules.

There’s one already locked

There’s a 2.0 bug thread you should use…

How do you actually play on a Macbook? I thought the game was mobile only?

Do you use Bluestacks?

Download it directly from MacBook AppStore. You need a Macbook with M1 chip or higher.


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I’m not sure if this is where to post this but I’ve noticed a bug where the handler amount doesn’t increase when you add to it. I’ve just unlocked 4 extra handlers on st maartin but still says there’s only 19 available. I noticed the same thing in the last day while playing on Washington and Muscat. When you unlock new stands you add another handler and contract. The contract level increases but the handler doesn’t.

Not sure if this is a bug but can it be, that the App requires 2.5 GB memory on a device? Is there a clean up / garbage collector function not working?