Working vehicles at airports

It would be a nice feature if buses, stairs, fuel trucks, pushback trucks, lavatory, water car(or whatever that is called), and baggage/cargo trucks can come from the terminal to the plane instead of appear out from nowhere and disappearing again. They just have to be careful if crossing a taxiway or they would crash. Just have to extend the time a little bit because it takes a little time to go.
(I apologies if I am making other plans, different from what the developers wanted to make) :cry:


I think the reason why they haven’t implemented this is because of the AI overriding this would require. It would need to avoid airplanes, other handling vehicles and would in some circumstances need to cros with and airplanes AI path.


That could be a problem, I was just thinking that if there is a way to solve this issue.

There probably is but looking at the current state of the game it’s either not a priority or will not be implemented only because a decent bit of the AI related suggestions here don’t really get approved or get to be a priority.

If there is no AI related suggestions then it could make it more unrealistic. I understand now why they didn’t add this.