World of airportsー2022

What do you think will come in 2022?
Or what would you like to add or modify?

San Diego Airport. More gates for medium and larger planes and move the cargo area to the other side of the runway.

The existing cargo area should be used as a commuter ramp area. :+1:

With the advance of Muscat and runway crossing this isn’t impossible but it would likely require a airport reset for everyone

Kai Tak and a lot of retro related airplanes.

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Des avions rétros comme le Constélation… le MD11…
Que les avions avancent un peu plus vite sur le tarmac de MCT.
En réalité il y a 5 places pour les avions L et X à SAN et non que 4…
Un nouvel aéroport comme Anchorage ou les avions seraient en transit (JFK- NGO via Anchorage)

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