World of Airports| Push back all planes at once!

How do you pushback all aircraft without wasting time?

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You can only do it with owned aircraft

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I have seen this video a couple times. Its not possible now with random aircrafts.

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It is possible if you play on two devices…:shushing_face::shushing_face:

Do not tell this to anyone. It must be only between you and me​:joy::joy::joy::rofl:


make a que of landing planes start handeling and do not let any planes take off and switch the device on which you play


There is an easy way. I did it many times in IAD and NGO and MCT.

You start servicing all planes normally, but you omit one item (eg water). You wait for the general timer to time out or to come near time out. You tap the truck icon and you assign the remaining service directly to all planes (the are highlighted yellow) in a matter of seconds. The planes depart immediately, all together when the service ends.

In MCT where you have less service items than planes, I omit water at some planes and toilet service at others.
Then I immediately assign the missing service at all planes in a matter of seconds. In NGO i have 17 L/X planes so it’s easier.

Please note that with this method you lose many level points. I don’t care because I have reached max level in all airports.

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Thats another way but you loose level points …

Unless your max level

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not everyone can give that much time to the game to reach the max level. But if the player is on the max level then its not an issue.

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I didn’t care about the levels anyway. The “gifts” are minimal.

I used to lose lots of level points only to do weird staff (push back 45 planes at once, no service until all stands are occupied etc) and I still don’t care. But I still reached max level somehow.

People enjoy the game in different ways. My biggest enjoyment is watching the majestic planes come and go, regardless of money or level points. Whatever works for you is fine.