World of sea ports

Would anyone else like to see a sea port game with the same mechanics as world of airports

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Because this is a forum of avgeeks, not ship geeks

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Like space ships?

Like StarFlight from the 1980’s? Where you’re on a mission but don’t know it?

Spin offs are not for everyone and aircraft are more numerous than trains or ships, so not sure you could get the same feeling from them.

Could they be done, sure, trains might be better than ships because of the quantity.

I used to play Trainstation which in part could be similar to WOA. It was a great game, but got crazy and I had to bail. Those devs also created a seaport game, but I couldn’t get into it.

What was the name of that game, I’m currently working a bit on trainstation I’d like to see what they did wihh a seaport game

Man that really takes me back, I used to play that game back in 2013 all the way to 2017 before I forgot what email I used to register my account.

Then the devs must build another game named WOS.

The sea port game your looking for is actually called sea port, I used to go on it a while ago. Its current rating is 3.9 which is a lot less than when I was on it, I’m guessing they’ve done updates that no one likes too. I think it used to have a fairly active community page from what I remember.

Yeah I played it for a long time. Created a whole eco system for it. Facebook group, Twitter account, website, training plan on the best ways to play. Rewards for reaching every 100 levels (with certification) even was the first group to get their name on the side of a locomotive (thanks to a friend of mine at the time)

Group is still going, I’m just no longer part of it, honestly the game (not the eco system) got too much to manage and I also had a lot of personal stuff to deal with which is why I had to quit. Couldn’t go back now, game has moved on too far. Shame as i spent a ton of money on it too.

Damn, I got to level 400 but then I quit because I got bored.


The only game like what you describe I’d most likely play would be one set between 1900-1930, with mostly ocean liners. Some really interesting ships around within that time frame.


Regarding 1900 - 1930 ocean liners… definitely their peak.

I was hoping they would do similar at WoA, create a retro option (707’s, DC-8’s, Connies and earlier), with the ability to add segments (LON - PAR - ROM - CAI). I’d do that all day long!

Indeed they were!

Seems that might be happening as collectable aircraft, who knows. Maybe AirportPRG will get some major update in coming years.

Yes, I think that is a very good idea. With harbour entrances, pilot boats, tugs, various tankers, container vessels, general cargo vessels, various berth types etc etc. Plenty of opportunities here and it wil be a “winner”. Shame that I can’t do it myself…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if fighter planes at SAN took off from the aircraft carrier and landed at the airport?

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Handling ocean liners and cargo ships and aircraft carriers are two different things.

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I mean there can be another army base, we can control. Or maybe control the aircraft carrier in all.

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