Worldways Alliance (Ceased operations)

Someone on discord reccomended I do this after a while so…
We don’t have an official logo yet, and probably won’t until I get further along, but that’s fine!
Currently the alliance is open to anyone, you can join here: Discord
We currently are very small, two people (yes I know, I imagine it will grow because a lot of people wanted a more professional alliance)
Thanks for reading and see you in the skies


Nice to see another alliance formed, hope all goes well!

Nice alliance, hope it goes well. Unfortunately our airline Eco Aviation would not join as it’s part of Skylines Aviation Group.

Congratulations with your new Alliance. It will be great fun! If I can help out, just ask.

Happy flying,

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It looks like the Discord link is expired. Can you update?

This one should never expire

Update, we selected a livery color set, we aren’t regulating paint jobs, but if you see a plane with these color sets, your connection partner is part of the worldways alliance
Please note that the secondary color is up to the member, so you will see variations of these liveries

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Looks familiar:

This our personalized AWA livery.

Orange Air Logo v2023 mini sig


Huh, I didn’t mean for that
All the color choices were made by voting in the discord, so it is purely coincidence, as for livery, that’s one of the members of WWA, he used his 777 as an example and happened to be using that livery

I use Supreme 3 as my personal livery as well as you can see in my new Orange Air Airline logo, and also other members of the All World Alliance. I do not think that anyone can have a monopoly on that.

And blue happens to be a popular colour :wink:.

Happy flying.

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Quite a handful of my alliance actually uses supreme 3… Maybe it’s just a good paint job, idk, I don’t regulate what they use anyways, I personally use basic 1 for every aircraft

It is october
I present our breast cancer awareness livery