X Plane bought, contract cannot be assigned

Hallo Ihr Vielflieger… habe gerade mein erstes X Flugzeug gejkauft und muss diesem einen Vertrag zuweisen. Er zeigt mir kein Ziel an, das ich auswählen kann.
Jetzt steht mein Xer und wartet auf den Vertrag. Kann mir jemand helfen?
Hello you frequent flyers… just bought my first X plane and have to assign it a contract. He doesn’t show me a goal that I can choose.

Now my Xer is standing and waiting for the contract. Can someone help me?


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And specifically this section:



You have to configure the aircraft in their seats with Business and First class, then you get flights displayed

In the same menu where you can also configure the personal livery

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Can you speak German

Of course, but then in a private message, in the public forum only in English.

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OK gut