Can someone explain me, why I sometimes get XP for serving the plane and sometimes not? It is now after each serving? All made in time. Thanks. Sometimes it is written collect reward XP and sometimes just pushback

Do I need to serve number of planes on that route? As many as the dots are under contract?

First time plane lands “contract” is having 1 contracted handling - then after its succesful (on time) bonus is granted

Then you upgrade contract - it has 2 instead of 1 (trips) so after 2 trips and satisfaction status green bonus is up.

Then…10 Makes sense ?

Number of trips are also indicated with grey (then red/green) dot on the card.

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Thanks a lot. Also already found it out. But thanks also for explaining. Maybe explanation will help someone else

Also i found out. That for generic planes you get the rewards upon departure, for your own fleet you get them upon arrival after the trip and contract count is completed

Kind of makes sense, but might trip a few up

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I believe this is a bug, since the handling crew begin departure preparations as handling starts.

Maybe not, if you think about it, you are sending your aircraft first, then you get it back after turning at the other airport.

For generic those are being received from elsewhere so you are in the middle of the route.

So opposite set ups for owner vs generic meaning opposite set ups for rewards