You got (non-bug) questions - We got Answers! (Maybe)

So building off a very successful MCT thread, I had a thought about creating Q&A threads for the airports and maybe for Plane Types too (S/M/L/X)…

We already have a bug section, but folks always have questions about various things.

What do we think? Worth it?

and yeah I know we have the Wiki section, but there’s always questions not covered by that.

What is the next planned livery for the E170-175? threw ya off there, you thought I would say plane or airport

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Here is a question - is there any plane unlock on NGO, like the 146 on BARI or the 190 in PRG?

Nope, sorry, there isn’t.


Is there one for the 170 at MCT?

Nope, there isn’t an unlock but you get one for finishing level 2

Are there plans for more items for the in game store? It would be nice to have bundles where we can get GP and aircraft together. Bundles could have different contents based upon the price of them.

Also, how come the A330RR is a separate variant? I imagined it to pretty much be a second version of all liveries on the current A330.

hmmm, depends on the coding if you can link the 3 elements together (game items included, linking the item and gold planes together and the ecommerce part to allow for the actual purchase)

As for the 330RR, I think this is actually the start of a new element to the game. Basically build out options with different engines. you kind of saw it when the 319NEO showed up, but the 330 is now doing it on the same version, so you can pick your plane and pick the engine style you prefer. Similar to UATC and how they allowed you to pick your planes there too.

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Will be interesting see how the engine variants are going forward. Are there plans for winglet variants soon, and other engine variants? For example, A333RR and A319IAE.

As part of the connection requirements, the guidelines state we should lock our request via the wrench icon. When I view the wrench it only gives me the option to make a wiki from it?

Use the wastebin.

hmmm, I wonder if that’s only available to me as a mod… curious… well you could always edit and say Connection made. I can update the guidelines.

Deleting it keeps the thread clean.

That’s what I plan on doing, just thought I’d enquire about the feature.

I had the same problem earlier today. The wastebin was the only option.

deleting helps me, as i don’t have to keep locking stuff.

We have a quorum :smiley:.