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Regular information from developers to the community about the current state of development.

FAQ's & How to play

We will be developing a FAQ Category and how to guides to assist new players and those who have recently converted to V 2.0 of the game, understand the game mechanics and how things work. There is also the in-game tutorial that will help too.
These guides/answers have been developed by those who have played the game extensively and want to pass their knowledge on to those who follow in their footsteps. If you feel we have missed something, please let us know and we can create what’s necessary from that.

Connections & Co

Please keep connection-related topics in this category. Copy-paste from FAQ.


With the advent of the ability to send to more than 1 person on a route and across airports. The time has come to create a section for alliances where groups of players can work together to level up etc.
Connections will still apply and be run alongside this for those wanting a more informal approach.
All requests for threads in this category will need to be pre-approved and if anything gets out of hand threads maybe removed.

Ideas / Suggestions

This section will replace the old one for Ideas/Suggestions and the portal on the website. The developers will use this for feedback and for ideas for the game
I will be setting up some standard threads like the ones on the portal with a few additional ones. I will also bring over some of the newer threads from the general discussion to populate.
Please use these threads constructively. I also intend to convert some of them to polls so folks can start voting on what they like the most.

WIKI (from players to players)

As per some active players suggestion - there’s gonna be a Wikipedia here for WOA.
Please keep that section tidy as much as possible and clean from questions / connection requests etc.


Ok, this won’t be as exciting as the dev blogs, but I’m trying to be as communicative with the user base as I can be and let you know things I’m doing to the forum and any other pieces I can share if I know them… let’s see how this goes

Game News/Screen Shots

As requested by users - forum section is created to share some funny / making yourself proud in-game screens (or video links).

Launched Content

This is where any information posted about an update that has gone into production will be stored. Will be stored by release number then by category as appropriate

Bug reports

If you think its a bug - help us fix it - log it here.

Technical Issues Corner

Specific device (IOS / Android) related problems.

Old Release info

Hidden under announcements for a long time, we’ve given the old stuff a new place for a bit of nostalgia of just how far the games has come, with both pre-release and V1 release notes to be found here