Black screen

August 3rd i can play the game and August 4th I go to play it. So i load the game to pick any airport and i get a black screen in every airport i try to play. Then i do load into bri click on the event plane then boom my game doesn’t work anymore. Plz fix really love the game!

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Phone specs?

Galaxy s23. I try restarting my phone but didn’t help.

I can’t access my airport at Prague. The rest are fine. The same happened I clicked on an event then this happened.

It’s a blank screen and I can hear the music though :thinking::thinking::thinking:

All event planes black screened.


Try contacting the dev

The same thing happened to me with MCT airport, but SXM and INN are fine. (iPhone with still 89GB remaining)

My iphone ios 16 got the same problem on MCT which is my main airport playin. I check other airports, and they are fine only black out in MCT.

Same here!!! My MCT got black out but the rest are fine!!! I just hope they can fix it in a few hour time as I’m sort of bored and wanting to play the game so bad lol

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All work other than my prg and muscat. Still black screen and have to force close the game.

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Me too, a black screen, I can’t complete the game.

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I hope they fix it soon

I have acepted event plaine’s in PRG and MCT last night. Since then, I get in this Airports, after loading, a black screen.
I have erased all user data abd have uninstall the app. After a fresh install the black screen is still there. Problem is on Redmi 10 and Blustack-player on win 11.
Please fix the problem. These ar the Airport’s i play the moast.


Same as Perantu. Accepted the event in Prague and I have black screen. Pls fix

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