DH8D update

I think it’s because we have had flybe in game since 1.0 back when flybe was still active


I really home they add the wideroe livery to the dash 8.


It would be nice, one of my favorite liveries, but I think there’re focused on Australian airline rn, as it’s coming out along with SYD. But they might add it in the future.

You never know

Look at how many liveries they popped out for the A320

I strongly doubt they would remodel without adding livs like wideroe, I can’t think of a time ever when they didn’t add global liveries on a remodel and not just one region, especiallly when the livery in question serves multiple ingame airports


I guess we have seen Flybe, so I could be wrong.

Could have said that for Jet2 and Eurowings A321s, but they never got added. Saying that though, the Dash 8 remodel, as people have said, is more than likely because it’s one of the very small number of S planes which regularly fly into SYD, as the only other S planes I’m aware of flying into SYD is those Saab 340s which have something to do with Virgin Australia (Link I think?) and the Rex Saabs.

Until the liveries get posted, you could get some liveries which you are surprised are added, such as really small regional carriers you’ve probably never heard of, with some of the major players missing. However I’d assume the majority of missing liveries, or ones which aren’t considered as a must when releasing an airport or remodelling an aircraft will be added some point in the future once everything is remodelled, as more focus could be put on liveries for existing types.

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Did they do Flybe in the new model of BAe 146? I hope they do the new Sky Alps livery 9H-PAUL | Bombardier Dash 8-Q402 | SkyAlps | Niclas Karich | JetPhotos

Yes they did flybe

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Has got me wondering if we’ll end up with the livery we have on the BAe on the Dash 8 as well. Personally I prefer that over the purple. Also raises the question if we’ll end up with just the 1 Flybe livery or all 4 versions (3 original Flybe and 1 from Flybe 2.0).


What’s the favourite livery?

I was replying to this

So your answer is Widerøe dash 8. It has a nice green, and a cool fleet of small aircraft too.

Ah okay and yeah that be ideal then I could bring them to LHR.