FAQ: frequently asked questions

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1. Concorde, “Golden” B737 - Concorde is only available for players that backed the game in the original Indiegogo campaign early in 2018. Post-release players can not unlock it. The 737 comes when you reach the amount of aircraft handled in the achievements tab.

2. After update game crashes immediately after i start it.

Solution: (in many cases it helps).

Android: clear cache of game / clear cache and delete game data
IOS: Log out and log in back to game center

3. How to activate 2nd runway in PRG

Its not possible and never will be (intersecting runways with potential collision).

4. How to reset airport (I made some mistakes and want to start over).

User round red button on airport selection screen, every airport can be reseted individually.

5. Will there be more airlines/liveries in game

  • yes, they will be added successively, priority always is on airlines that are flying to playable airports, we have always ~25-30 liveries in development que.

6. My planes do not provide income - what am I missing here ?

A plane has to be handled on time to provide income, those not handled on time will provide income as well (greatly reduced amount).

Looking on above screen (some tips):
(1) Plane handling timer - it starts when airplane reach the stand/gate
(2) “Bonus timer” - if plane is handled before timer reach that spot - “bonus modificator %” (under radar) will be increased hence income for h andled planes will be bigger
(3) Amount that is going to be “paid” when plane is handled (in this case with bonus amount as timer is still “green”
(4) Handling speed up button - to be used when thre is a danger of not-being-handled on time aircraft. It cost some money but can reduce risk of having negative bonus modification due to missed handling timer.

7. Any official discord server?

8. I have a livery/aircraft/airport suggestion.

You can suggest and vote for this in the feedback portal: https://portal.productboard.com/q21tiepvaqhvuqobnqsrviaa/tabs/4-airlines-liveries-candidates


8. How does connection(s) work:

You can establish connection with friend / or complete stranger:

SCENARIO A type name of a friend and confirm it (he must accept connection on his end) - note he must have that slot open/free

Example of estabilishing connection process with known player (succesfuly established)

SCENARIO B use “dice icon” and put yourself into queue for connection - server with pick someone if there is someone in queue that is eligable for connection with yourself

Example when user press random connection from BRI to INN

Video showing process of random connection establishmen in PRG (to INN)

When your connection-mate plane arrives you will receive in-app push notification (if you have them ON in your mobile device):

When opening BRI eventually connection-mate plane will arrive and upon handling it will “Count as 1” on connection counter.

It is reflected in achievements as well:

That is it. Simple right ? :slight_smile:

Some extra info:

  1. You sending a plane to player you are connected with.
  2. After arrival she/he have 4 hours to handle your plane (it is also blocked at her/his airport for that period - if player will fail it will come back but point will not be granted ; if player will not “land” the plane it goes to other random player - comes back without “connection point”).
  3. When connection is changed to other player - counter reset to 0.
  4. Enjoy connections feature, hope above helps.
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