General thoughts on contracts

I love the new contract system!

Unfortunately, I didn’t reset any of my airports, so I can’t comment on starting any of the existing airports without my transferred contracts.

For my existing airports, I made sure i transferred all of my International contracts first and then filled in the rest with Regional contracts and then destinations and airlines I wanted to see.

As far as SMX, the contract system has also been a blast there. As others have mentioned, the contracts bring a sense of strategy to the game. When selecting contracts at SMX, I obviously selected all at first and then was able to select contracts I wanted. The first chance I got at a larger (ATR) small airplane, I snagged it. I’ve been slowly swapping my DHC6’s for more lucrative contracts as they come along. It is tough when you’re swapping a level 5-6 Local DHC6 for a new Regional E190 contract though. The time you spend on leveling the contract up is rewarding and you gain a sense of attachment to the flight.

Kudo’s to the Dev’s for a great update!

I partially agree. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be, my main issue is that it essentially costs money/GP to get more. I think the base limits are not enough for the sheer amount of potential contracts there are.

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Yeah that’s the conclusion the discord came to

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I’m using transfered contracts, yet the airport somehow still manages to be empty

The new system lends itself to bulk play, especially if you have your own fleet. Bring them all in, fill up the gates and release them at your leisure. I do that all the time. BRI for instance I have 6 Alitalia and 6 Easyjet, bring the 6 Easy in first, run them, add a few more to the other gates and by the time they are done can bring in the Alitalia to swap over.

I think I have got to the point where I can nake most of the contracts. As we know…the longer we continue the better profits we make…But an important factor is XP points. Upgrading ur airport is the most important thing which you so with XP. So to earn more XP…play the same contract as long as possible…dont cancel contracts for no reason.
Heres an example

I got these many at once…but because i have handled this plane so many times. Its a bit like investing…It keeps compounding and I can upgrade my airport faster while earning better profit.

What does not make sense to me is the max. amount you can level a contract. I have a few level 3+4 contracts, and do not know how much further it can go. I am also not sure if it is bad to cancel a contract …

Max is 10 I’m pretty sure

Max is 10… and the payoffs at that point are pretty big.
For a friend connection with a 752, looking at 500+ silver planes and 130XP….

It pays if you play it out

130xp?! Sign me up!

What confuses me is what appears to be inconsistent application of XP. At the beginning of a new airport, every handled plane generates XP. Then the Claim Rewards window becomes less and less frequent. I’ve tried working out what drives this -all of my planes are handled on time, and all are generating Wollars. A known plane for getting XP rewards in one cycle will not necessarily generate XP in the next handling cycle.

What have I missed?

If you notice every time, you upgrade a contract, the number of times you have to handle the plane before getting the rewards increase by 1 each time. It will keep increasing every time you upgrade a contract. So, you get rewards on your 1st cycle, then your 3rd, then your 6th then your 10th etc. The rewards increase every time you upgrade a contract, so just keep handling planes! :slight_smile:

OK, many thanks, this makes sense. :smiley:

Is there any indication of how many more times a plane has to be handled before rewards kick in?

Notice the dots under ‘Contract Admin’? The green ones tell you the number of times you’ve handled the plane, and the gray dots tell you the numbers of times you have to handle the plane before receiving the rewards.

Do contracts actually end eventually? Also could i have the discord link

Contracts end when you cancel them, they don’t cancel themselves
As for the discord link, there is another thread that has it

Player contracts do end after 10 flights

No, you have the option to extend them, they don’t auto end

On my end player to player contracts end after your 10th flight, you have to resend player to player connection request. AI contracts your correct do not end and you can extend those

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Oh well I’m talking AI Contracts, I haven’t touched player Contracts since the update