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i canceled the contract and changed the configuration but there were pax in it of the previous contract
so thats what happened

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Did you get the extra money for the extra passengers that trip?

No i got nothing.since contract was cancelled after it was parked it said assign contract

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Unique Livery Colours :blue_heart::white_heart:🩵


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Welcome to IAD :airplane:

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I’ve been cooking


After almost 5 years of playing I finally unlocked the Concorde. Thank you devs for all the fun times and great content, can’t wait for much more!! :face_holding_back_tears::tada::tada:


Lucky you☺️ I have also been playing for almost 5 years and still hasn’t got it yet.

It’s very expensive but definitely worth it. Helps the devs too if you can. Considering I’ve been playing for so long they deserve it :sob:

Finna have a fleet of rockets soon

I did the math, with the current system it would take 2 tears of non-stop gp conversion just to get Concorde, so I’m happy for you, but dreading it myself

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Hope you’re ready for the maintenance bills!

I’m glad I unlocked Concorde when it was on sale, but even then it took a really really long time just to eat half of the required GP.

But welcome to the Supersonic Club!

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What would will people choose when I said eather join Supersonic Club?
Jet Club?

I am almost part of the supersonic club. But since I have premium pass at lhr, I can just get it for free at I think level 76 and I am at level 68

International arrivals at IAD

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I’ve my own airline with livery
A388 = 30 Aircraft’s
B752 = 50 Aircrafts


@Helpfulwyvern345 Great :+1:

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ANA :airplane:


Event Today :sunny: