Lost my money after new version update

After I installed the new update, when I returned to my airports I lost 17k from INN and was left with only 300w. I think only PRG left the same amount. Will I keep losing after every update? Also I do not understand the runway number on the right side of the menu below tha radar. Inn shows 26 and Bari shows 25.

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Send the devs an email or maybe @shill can get you to the right place

As for the numbers. It’s the direction of the runway being used

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But it is only 1 RWY on these airports, its kind of taking space though.

Runway numbers are determined by their orientation to a compass point (divided by 10), not by how many runways there are at an airport.
At Innsbruck the runway is oriented east/west but is off by 10 degrees, so instead of being 90 / 270 it is 80 / 260 degrees (which divided by 10 of course = 08/26).
When there are more than one parallel runway at the same airport they are usually given a letter to in relation to the placement corresponding to the other runways.
One WOA example is IAD (Washington Dulles) which has actually has 3 parallel runways in real life 01L/19 R, 01C/19 C, 01R/19 L, (for right, center, and left)


Yes, I know this, well some of it, but my idea is that I do not find it necessary here.
Thanks for the information, its good to know the details. :slight_smile:

I agree IRL, but the game definitely do not follow that, atleast for PRG where it’s numbered 24, but is not placed at a 60/240 degree angle.

Update: This is wrong as pointed out by @huebsi and as I clarified in my later comment. Game indeed replicates the real life runway.

The IRL Prague Airport has that runway and the game attempts to recreate, in as much detail as possible, the real airports on which they are based. The in-game map is rotated so that the terminal building is in the background. This makes sense for optimal viewing and gameplay. Merely rotating a map does not alter the compass points.

I was wrongly under the impression that it’s the 12/30 runway at PRG that the game replicates.

This made me always wonder why the game map looks different from the real map, especially since PRG airport is a partner and when the game has the best chance in replicating it compared to any other airports.

Your comment made me look again carefully at the real map and I realized my mistake. I take my previous comment back.

Yes, I know the dev has done a splendid job in replicating real airports - hence the mismatch in PRG, of course just my perception at that point, was looking odd to me.