MCT-IAD Connection Requests


I sent you a connection request.

Looking for a player named XYMBAH. We are connected randomly but want to communicate to send planes.

Looking for a connection.
UTC: 9:30
Play randomly.

Requested from SharpShooter98766
UTC +6:00

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Alright. I’ll accept now!

I don’t yet have a L plane to send. But I’m saving up for it and should have today. It’ll be for our connection.

It’s okay. When do you play? What time should i send my planes?

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Best for me is 5-8am and 3-5 on weekdays. And whenever on the weekend.

Looking for connection to my IAD - around 60 aircrafts in the fleet. UTC +1. Just send a request.

Username: dömi

Need a connection to IAD

Username: bsharpyy

Time zone: UTC -7


If you’re playing at MCT, then we can connect again to my IAD.
id: The Dutchman
GMT +6

Done :white_check_mark:
Once again, Thank you @bsharpy for helping me on this connection

Cool, sent request

Need connection to IAD


Normally play GMT 17.00 - 23.00