New Aircraft types - L

yeah, i think devs should add the 772LR when reworking the F (wich is based on the LR itself)


The thing is if they added the LR they would probably need to add the ER for british airways’ sake

i would just buy a few 772ER but not the 767

777-200ER would be good for LHR with BA and United, but would people use them or would you want to get the most Wollars so you use either B777-300ER or A380? :thinking:

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Maybe the 200ER could be used as a cheaper option. The 200LR would have much more range.

Wait… aint nobody gonna talk about the a339?


would be useful for lhr since virgin atlantic operates it


why would it be useful just WHY

I know the A330 series is active but there are missing veriants for it so let’s have a look.

A330-200 PW (Pratt and Whitney)

A330-300 PW (Pratt and Whitney)



Of course A330-200/300 will not have GE (General Electric) and RR (Rolles Royce) as the model is in game (and please fix the issue that the GE and RR sounds like PW)
What do you guys think?


Yes think A330NEO should be added to the game especially as Delta fly them into LHR and of course Virgin have them as well.

Blud I just said it would be useful for lhr💀
Saying that the a330neo is useless even though virgin Atlantic operates it is like saying the 744RR is useless even though it’s (used to be😭) operated by literally BRITISH AIRWAYS and we need it because Heathrow is right around the corner but it’s useless because we already have the regular 744(even though British airways didn’t operate it and only operated the RR variant).

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Quite a few airlines operate it, it may not be that popular but it is used quite often globally. I know I would use it and I’m sure many others would as well.

Thanks for supporting my idea, good to see what operators we can have for the MD-11

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Certainly, we only have the A319 Neo, and I like the idea!

Definitely need the other NEOs as well so A320, A321, especially if they do all three variants for A321.

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Though what’s in the game shouldn’t be considered a neo. It’s just a ceo with sharklets
Same with the max, it’s just a NG with the scimitars and chevrons


Just like real life then, oh and better range.

Definitely soviet Il-76 is must have in a game. :ok_hand:

Per my response on the M category. IL’s not going to show up for a long time I’m afraid

Chinese Xian Y-20 could be added too as L size cargo plane.