New Aircraft types - L

In fact I wanted to see the 767 added a while ago about 4 or 3 years ago

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they arent gonna add them before more important planes, if you want 777 get the 77w and if you want a 737 you have 4 variants

We have the B77W and B777F, as well as the 738/MAX 8, but not the 777X or 737 MAX 10. They’re distinctly different aircraft. They would have to add these before we can recommend liveries.

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These liveries should be available for all boeing planes for gold

I’m confused. Do you want demonstrator liveries for Boeing aircraft? Because the 777, 747, 787, and 738M already have them. Or do you want a MAX 10 livery on a MAX 8?

United use the B772 on the Houston route as well.

Swift cargo ordered P2F too.

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Boeing 747-4LCF
Or, better know as, the dreamlifter
The plane that delivers boeing’s parts, the equivalent of the beluga
Since the 747 is advanced modeled (at least somewhat), this is something I think we can expect at some point because of it’s similarity to the beluga as well. And the plane is a regular arrival at Nagoya (with an arrival from Anchorage planned for tomorrow as I write this, Screenshot below)
This could be used as an event aircraft at pretty much any airport (that can handle it), and then as a level reward and/or obtainable arrival from Anchorage at Nagoya (and possibly elsewhere, up to the devs)


Boeing 747-400D (Domestic) (74D)

The 747-400D (Domestic) is a high density seating model developed for short-haul domestic Japanese flights. This model is capable of seating a maximum of 568 passengers in a two-class configuration or 660 passengers in a single-class configuration.

It’s functionally the same as the 747, just without winglet and built for short range

This was only ever used by JAL and ANA, but it was also the canvas for a TON of special liveries

The final one of this variant in service was with ANA and was retied in 2014


The 747-400M

Its just a combined cargo and passenger version of the 744

This jet only saw service with KLM and Air China

The front portion of the aircraft was the passenger deck and the rear was the cargo hold with a solid partition between them

The last one of these was retired from the KLM fleet in 2020 after covid hit

It looks almost identical but that’s because the cargo door is hard to see

This jet operated the same flights as any regular 747, the only essential difference this would make in game is that it would hold cargo and have a unique cargo loading animation most likely along with being at a passenger stand instead of a cargo stand

And of course outdoor images:


Whilst right at home for NGO (especially given the lack of L planes on domestic flights in game), this is something I’ve wanted myself for quite some time. As a player aircraft it could be about 20k cheaper than a regular 747-400 and have a higher density eco configuration (less business or first seats on the configuration sliders). Would be a great asset out of places like LHR as well on routes to places like Istanbul, Madrid or Cairo, plus IAD or SAN for transcontinental flights


Is the a330 beluga XL in game?

Nope not yet

Id love a British Airways 747. Unsure why there isnt one when there are 747s for other airlines that dont even use them anymore. A BA 747 is iconic.

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The lack of a rolls royce engine variant of the 744 is why. Once That comes I imagine it will be added