New Airline Liveries and Aircraft - North/Central America

New Pacific Airlines
FKA Northern Pacific Airlines, changed name to avoid legal dispute, not reflected on livery yet.

Cool new airline that could be added when the 757 rework happens


Just slab on some winglets on the 75F model and give it windows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They already made the model but theres some issues with it so it might be a little while longer.

no, winglets no

CRJ700 for United Express, Delta Connection, and American Eagle. We already have CRJ700 at NGO, but would love to see them in other airports and liveries when they get updated.


We have all three of those at US airports.

We don’t have united new colors

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we do

I think we have CRJ900, but I don’t think we have CRJ700 for them if I am not mistaken.

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C5M Super Galaxy from the US Air Force, or the C5 galaxy

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Plane is not in the game yet, mabye in future

It’s a little weird, it’s called the CRJ900 but the model is the CRJ700. Should be fixed soon when the model is updated.

Although yes, we do need United’s new colors

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Bro literally all three of them exist at mass at iad and San, what are you suggesting
Well, except the united livery, that we do need

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I think you are right. I just check those “CRJ7s” at NGO. Seems like they are actually the model of CRJ900, but for some reason they are labelled incorrectly at NGO.

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Well the model is old, has been there for idk how many years, they just have yet to update it

not 738f as they never had them, 734f:


I’ll add the 734F. They do have the -8F, the got their hands on them recently

ok, thx

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This will be where you post New Airline Liveries and Aircraft for North and Central American Airlines.

Information required:

  1. Airline name
  2. Screenshot of aircraft with livery
  3. Base(s)
  4. Which WOA airport (s) will be served by this airline
  5. Is this airline currently flying?
  6. Aircraft types used (please focus on current aircraft types in the game or in development (A220 for example)
  7. Why you think this airline should be in the game