New Airline Liveries and Aircraft - North/Central America

I was wondering when 767 would come around. I know they’re pretty old, but united, Delta, and I think air Canada still operate them for many routes (lots come to lhr from America)

The same developers said that perhaps it will come with the 757 update, the source is the same YouTube broadcast that they made, it is where they told us, but we just have to wait. with what surprise they surprise us.

They didn’t say it might come with the 757. All models are to be remodelled to v3 standards before any new aircraft get added. The reason the 767 was mentioned alongside the 757 was because the 757 will have engine and winglet variants like the A320 family, and the 767 will also follow them in having multiple variants.

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This might be a dumb question but what all will be changed about the 757? I feel it looks pretty up to date (compared to how blocky and low end the a320 was) maybe they will add gear tilt?

Compare the cargo version and regular version. Then compare the cargo the the A320s
That will be the changes

You haven’t noticed but the flaps do not retract nor do the engine brakes in both models of the 757. And they do not have all their signs and the windows are not transparent like the ones that are at least in V2

Air Canada retired the 767 in 2020 but I still want it

You also forgot Air canada rouge :wink:

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But if you want air canada 767-200 or 300 maybe they should inculde air canada rouge 767-300ER

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Yes that too. Fun fact the rouge 767 was the first the first air Canada aircraft I ever took all the way back in 2016 to Tampa. Before that we used to take international carriers more often but ever since that bum Trudeau got elected everything has gotten more expensive and it’s been harder to afford expensive airlines even though both my parents have high paying jobs. So now we just usually take air Canada or some other low cost carrier

Oh and 757-300\753! I just remembered



3.During the summer, any tui base. during the winter, any Sunwing base.
4.All north american and (maybe)European except lhr
7. This livery exists on a couple aircraft in the sunwing fleet due to TUI’s 49% ownership of sunwing, so it would be so cool to see this hybrid in the game in both north America and Europe. To make things more realistic we could have it (as an event)operate out of tui bases during the summer, and sunwing hubs during the winter. If no we could just have it operate as a normal sunwing livery in North america


Not a fan of it, TUI and Sunwing in Europe ok, I get it but TUI in North America for me is a big no no…

well technically, It still has the sunwing text so we could just put it as a Sunwing livery

Funny thing is TUI operated some special charters in the US a few months ago in winter

Another funny thing is that Tui fly the 787 to Melbourne in Florida (Tuis so called ‘orlando airport’ even though its on the east of Florida not the center)

Also i great addition would be the American oneworld livery

Or the retro liverys / the merger liverys (twa and aircal for example)



We already have those two. We’re missing the A320/321 special liveries like the US Airways, America West and Medal of Honor liveries


Wow how did you actually get on the ramp? I’m pretty sure it’s for staff only.