Next airport?- Teaser

I told you it was outdated I said it was outdated and plus where did you find it? I was looking for the new charts but couldn’t find it

Oh, I was agreeing with you haha! Its from the Expansion Phase 3A masterplan book :slight_smile:



After looking at maps, it looks like delhi to me as well. Stoked already to play it!

I wonder though, what airlines are going to be flying the a220 into delhi? Given that each airport has had at least one aircraft added with it, I wonder if the a220 will be that aircraft for delhi, or if we’ll get a different new plane along with delhi when it’s released?

With this airport, the A32X should come soon because this airport is riddled with them
Gives a good Incentive to update the current model and introduce the rest
Now to just be patient and it will come soon enough

Hey i had put the newest chart on suggestions for new playable airports…check it out…its the latest and most detailed map of DEL
The link: New Proposed Playable Airports - #14 by TheLegendRacer001


No airline flies an A220 in India


Ah that sucks. Hopefully that changes in the future

Seeing as the a350 and 787 are getting remodeled as well I think they are the main focus seeing as how widely used they are, especially in India

A350s are on order with Air India…And Air India and Vistara fly the 787 already too.

Exactly my point

Iraqi Airways fly to DEL, but they use 737-800s. They also operate A220s (not to DEL), and they are perfectly capable of doing the route

New Delhi Airport T1 Upgrade & Expansion


Ahhh… DEL, not SYD I originally suggested for the next airport.

I don’t see any big issue for this airport as I feel we all need a big one after the beautiful SXM.

However, I suspect the devs have to do plenty of things before we make DEL in the game.

  • A320 series rework and A321 model, that is a big thing. I am unsure if there are many A321 operators in India but there are plenty of them in nearby regions (such as China, Vietnam…)

  • Many new destinations in Southeast Asia, China, as well as some in Korea, Japan and Middle East. I suggest all of them to be Regional destinations…

  • Aircraft movement improvement. I am not sure how planes will land, taxi to the gate and depart… There are four runways so I am really curious and managing them would require more assistance from automated management (tower manager I guess?)

  • Performance… It is a pity that we cannot use all the four runways in IAD and I do wish to see everything in DEL to be included in the game. But performance is deemed an issue why we cannot have the full IAD. Considering DEL is larger than IAD, I wish to see how devs respond to the challenge.


The biggest airline in India which is Indigo operates A321s , The second largest which is Air India has started taking deliveries of A321s and Vistara also operates A321s.
Rest we all know that Delhi airport is often called by plane spotters as the A320 haven.
And about performance…I personally dont mind if the games size and processor requirments are increased by a notch.


I think that maybe for performance, there could be a toggle-able setting for the full airport, so lower end devices have a small version, and higher end devices have the whole thing. Thoughts?

Sounds unfair to lower end devices…and maybe also difficult to create this but sure if its possible and accepted by the lower end device users.

I did think that, but then, as I used to be a lower end device user myself, I did suggest it before for bigger airports, and some friends have done as well. It would have to come down to what people want.

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Whenever they implement a wind factor for runways maybe they’ll add a runway choice option
But just because an airport has multiple runways doesn’t mean they use all of them at the same time

Earlier in this forum ideas like optional runway configuration are widely discussed.

However, this is considered somewhat complicated for devs to make it a thing. So we can only expect that to be a norm for a very long time, sadly.