Realistic flight routes LHR

LM represents Loganair.

Is it wrong? Find nothing else.

No it is right

No no, you’re right. I just wasn’t familiar with it, that’s all. That’s all on me. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Do you know any information on the realistic cargo flights that fly to and from LHR?

Here is an update of the A320 family with realistic flight routes from LHR.

I believe that the chosen aircraft varies regularly, depending on demand and passenger traffic.

Choose what you want to have available at the airport.

And for the most realistic options, here is an update to the summer flight schedule, where I specifically looked at destinations within the radius of the A320 family.

New York (JFK) - B6 A21N
Boston (BOS) – B6 A21N
Dublin (DUB) – BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – EI A320/A20N/A21N
Cork (ORK) – EI A20N
Knock (NOC) – EI A320/A20N
Shannon (SNN) – EI A320/A21N
Amsterdam (AMS) – BA A319/A320/A21N
Geneva (GVA) – BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Zurich (ZRH) - BA A319/A320/A20N – LX A21N
Vienna (VIE) – BA A319/A320 – OS A20N
Innsbruck (INN) – BA A320
Salzburg (SZG) – BA A319
Frankfurt (FRA) – BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – LH A20N
Munich (MUC) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – LH A20N
Dusseldorf (DUS) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – EW A319/A21N
Hamburg (HAM) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – EW A319/A20N
Berlin (BER) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Cologne (CGN) – BA A319/A320/A20N – EW A319
Stuttgart (STR) – BA A319/A320 – EW A319/A20N
Hanover (HAJ) - BA A319/A320/A20N
Madrid (MAD) – BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Tenerife (TFS) – BA A20N/A21N
Barcelona (BCN) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Malaga (AGP) – BA A320/A20N
Valencia (VLC) – BA A319/A320
Ibiza (IBZ) - New Route 04/24
Paris (CDG) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Paris (ORY) – New Route 04/24
Figari (FSC) - New Route 05/24
Lyon (LYN) – BA A319/A320
Marseille (MRS) – BA A319/A320
Toulouse (TLS) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Grenoble (GNB) – BA A319
Basel (BSL) – BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Nice (NCE) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – AF A318/A319/A320
Edinburgh (EDI) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Belfast (BHD) – BA A319/A320/A20N
Inverness (INV) - BA A319/A320/A20N
Newcastle (NCL) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Jersey (JER) – BA A319/A320/A20N
Glasgow (GLA) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Manchester (MAN) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Aberdeen (ABZ) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Copenhagen (CPH) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – SK A20N
Stockholm (ARN) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – SK A20N
Oslo (OSL) – BA A319/A320 – SK A20N
Helsinki (HEL) – AY A320/A321
Bergen (BGO) – (SUMMER)
Gothenburg (GOT) – BA A319/A320
Billund (BLL) – BA A319/A320
Stavanger (SVG) – SK A20N
Lisbon (LIS) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – TP A20N/A21N
Funchal (FNC) – BA A20N
Faro (FAO) – BA A320/A21N
Ponta Delgada (PDL) – (SUMMER)
Istanbul (IST) - BA A320/A20N/A21N – TK A21N
Istanbul (SAW) – BA A320/A20N/A21N
Dalaman (DLM) – (SUMMER)
Izmir (ADB) – New Route 05/24
Bodrum (BJV) – New Route 04/24
Brussels (BRU) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – SN A20N/A320
Milan (LIN) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – BT A319/A320/A20N
Milan (MXP) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Venice (VCE) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Naples (NAP) – A320/A20N
Olbia (OLB) – (SUMMER)
Palermo (PMO) – (SUMMER)
Bologna (BLQ) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N
Rome (FCO) - BA A319/A320/A20N/A21N – AZ A20N/A21N
Brindisi (BDS) - New Route 05/24
Perugia (PEG) – New Route 05/24
Florence (FLR) – BA A20N
Pisa (PSA) - BA A319/A320/A20N
Warsaw (WAW) – BA A319/A320/A20N
Krakow (KRK) – BA A319/A320
Athens (ATH) – BA A320/A20N/A21N – A3 A21N
Kerkyra (CFU) – BA A320/A20N
Kefalonia (EFL) – (SUMMER)
Thira (JTR) – BA20N
Zakinthos (ZTH) – (SUMMER)
Heraklion (HER) – (SUMMER)
Kos (KGS) - (SUMMER)
Thessaloniki (SKG) - (SUMMER)
Chania (CHQ) - (SUMMER)
Rhodes (RHO) - (SUMMER)
Mykonos (JMK) - (SUMMER)
Kalamata (KLX) - (SUMMER)
Preveza (PVK) - (SUMMER)
Prague (PRG) – BA A319/A320
Cairo (CAI) – BA A20N/A21N – MS A20N
Luxor (LXR) – MS A20N
Reykjavik (KEF) – BA A20N/A21N
Bucharest (OTP) – BA A320 – RO A318
Budapest (BUD) – BA A319/A320
Sofia (SOF) – BA A320
Larnaca (LCA) – BA A20N/A21N
Malta (MLA) – KM A320
Amman (AMM) – BA A20N
Gibraltar (GIB) – BA A320
Luxembourg (LUX) – BA A319/A320
Zagreb (ZAG) – BA A319/A320 – OU A319/A320
Split (SPU) – (SUMMER)
Dubrovnik (DBV) - (SUMMER)
Belgrade (BEG) – BA A320 – JU A319
Beirut (BEY) – ME A320
Paphos (PFO) - (SUMMER)
Marrakeech (RAK) – BA A320
Tunis (TUN) – TU A20N
Riga (RIX) – BA A320
Aktau (SCO) – KC A21N


Do you have any cargo routes/carrier suggestions?

No, unfortunately I haven’t.

The routes certainly change much more frequently than pax routes.
What’s more, cargo airlines don’t always operate from one airport. It feels like everyone flies from everywhere to everywhere. Unfortunately, this is not quite as realisable in the game.

In the end, however, LHR is not a cargo distribution airport, but a receiver airport (at least that’s what I assume)

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Best way is to just check FlightRadar24 every once in a while and see ARR/DEP and what’s on the ground.