Welcome to the WOA Forum - New and Existing Users - PLEASE READ

Welcome to the WOA Forum

You just joined an active community about the game World of Airports. In this forum you will find a lot of information on how the game is played by players, what the developers are working on and other interesting subjects.

With this message we want to help you find your way in the treasure trove of information.

Forum structure

The forum has “Categories”, each about a specific subject. Within the category you will find “Topics”, where a member posts a question or opinion. Reactions from other members to that topic you find in “posts”. There is also a FAQ section for the most common questions, so please take a moment to review those before posting an additional question.

So as a forum member you can create Topics and response with Posts.

Forum behaviour

In this forum we like to keep things relaxed and strictly about the game and flying. Please keep personal opinions on subjects other than those two to yourself. Treat members as you want to be treated.
For your information, in the 4 1/2 years of it’s existence only one member was banned. We like to stick to this number.

Admins and Moderators reserve the right to silence, suspend or remove members as they see fit, You can also report behavior that is out of order, This helps as we can’t be on here 24/7.

Forum language

English is the universal language in aviation and so in this forum. So, post your contributions in English, too. Use Google Translate for converting messages from your native language and for converting back the answers. In this way you don’t force 3000+ members to do this :wink:.

Suggestions for forum use

The forum has been around from the start of WOA so has a lot of information. We suggest that, before you ask a question, you use the “search” function and review the “Pinned” posts Pay attention to the date of the answers in the search results because there is also a lot of information about previous releases of the game and therefore not so interesting.

Certain categories are restricted from posting, or you must post in certain threads. Mods and Admins reserve the right to move/close any threads that are incorrectly placed.

We hope that we have helped you with this information and are waiting for your contributions! Happy flying.

Developers, Moderators and players of WOA.