1.5.3 Bugs

  1. PRG, S cargo, path set wrong, plane crash alert

still, nothing yellow on left, but shows yellow indicator

maybe due to 120Hz screen,
when some of the plane departs (click green button),
plane list at bottom flickers,
quite annoying, like something glitches

I believe it is due to skipping the de-icing mini game… It is the same thing as manual landings. This only happens when have only the planes at the stands on your screen, not ones that are landing, taxiing or taking off. (The ‘cards’ button [top left] is on)

Same issue

Fix identified and will be released with next update

Found the following at LEJ:

The first departure slot is not filled when sending planes.

where to where did all the airlines go, why did only my own show up?

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My Chief Safety Officer had some issues with these pilots from @JK737: