2.0.1 Release notes

Bug fixes

  • SXM pushback error on gate C15
  • Strobe lights when airplane is parked
  • B748 de/boarding issue
  • SXM taxiing
  • Freezed loading screens
  • DHC6 contracts in NGO
  • Rewards
  • E175 Economy
  • Claim issues for player airplanes
  • Wrong airplane names in hangar
  • Hangar close issue
  • Extend button in fleet view
  • Player to player contract cancelation issue
  • Path to saved pictures (android workaround)
  • Satisfaction view issue
  • NGO stand 6 and 11 parking minigame issue
  • Water salute just for first arrival
  • Assigned crew view issue
  • A124 baggage loader graphic bug
  • Issue when closing minigame
  • Filters in contract view issue
  • MCT taxiing issue
  • Reduced intensity of lightnings when storm on airport
  • Main screen freeze issue
  • Macbook M1 cannot start game issue

New Features

  • Notifications - new connection proposal, connection confirmation
  • Airline liveries
  • Shop purchase - double confirm
  • New languages
  • Added links to social media and forum
  • Maintenance points per turnaround in Economy breakdown car

Level XPs adjustment