2.0.2 Release notes

Bug fixes

  • Disappearance of aircraft during player-to-player connections
  • Stuck aircraft on stand internal error fix
  • Airplane spotting camera saving of pictures on Android devices fix
  • Saving of seat configuration (First class) for own airplanes bug fix
  • Event airplanes bug fix
  • Airplane assign to destination error fix
  • Canceled contract airplane showing on radar fix
  • MCT level 28 A346 Qatar contract for IAD instead of MCT fix
  • Simultaneous IN/OUT boarding of passengers and baggage loading fix
  • Selling of airplane after cancelation of player contract fix
  • Minigame switch control fix
  • “Ad is not ready” notification fix
  • Ramp agent purchase error while airplane handling in progress fix
  • Saving of airplane selection in Hangar fix
  • Cargo airplanes payload fix
  • Cargo airplane with pax symbol in Hangar fix
  • Main Menu settings for 3D landscapes features fix
  • B77W Premium 2 custom livery fix
  • PRG gate 20 secondary jet bridge removed
  • 2D ground radar visual fix for apron at SAN and IAD
  • Passengers falling from jet bridge bug fix
  • Radar timer last minute fix
  • “Destinations in a sea” on a world map visual fix

New Features

  • Generating of new local/regional/international contracts speed-up button
  • Leaderboards (Handled Passengers, Handled Airplanes, Successfully finished contracts, Handled cargo in tons)
  • Google/Apple achievements
  • Airline liveries and destinations
  • Extra levels on all airports
  • New language (Romanian) and various language corrections
  • User interface update: Maintenance card for own airplanes, Upcoming aircraft maintenance, Purchase confirmation in Shop, Reporting?, Error messages information, Handling timer colors update)
  • Maintenance progress bar
  • A possibility to setup own airplane in Flight radar view
  • Improved purchase of needed handling services