2.0.3 Release notes

New Airplanes

  • BCS1
  • BCS3

New Features

  • Searching of connection partners also by user ID (available to copy from Main Menu)
  • Exclamation mark action filter upgrade: The filter holds when there are no airplanes that currently need action
  • Red badge on Fleet and Contracts tab will disappear when content is displayed
  • Cannot claim airplanes from other airports without having stand/gate in proper tier size
  • Badge with a count will be displayed on the airplane card when there are multiple identical airplanes available for claiming in the Fleet/Offers tab
  • A confirmation popup appears before generating a new contract offer, which costs Silver Airplanes (before the time limit ends)
  • In-game popup appear while new game update is available while playing
  • New destinations (NCE Nice, BSB Brasilia, MAO Manaus, GYE Guayaquil, BQN Aguadilla)
  • New BCS1 and BCS3 liveries
  • New language (Thai, Malay) and various language corrections
  • Extra level on all airports

Bug fixes

  • Allowed background music from different applications while playing the game
  • Counting and releasing of contract slots - bug fix
  • Airplane card disappeared (on a right side of a screen) after finishing of player-to-player contract and claiming rewards - bug fix
  • Destination selection confirmation error fix and destination contract slot capacity count fix (player airplanes)
  • Error (number 200009) while assigning handling crew - fix
  • Airplanes stucked at stands/gates - fix
  • Landing minigame fix (Automatically turn on minigame switch - bug fix)
  • Non-working filters on player airplanes
  • Transparent van windows - fix
  • Other bug fixes and performance tweaks