2.0 Update Suggestions / Feedback

Hello All,

I have played the 2.0 version now for about a couple of weeks and overall it does bring some nice features however im now quite frustrated.


  1. Contract System is fairly good needs tweaks but I think I understand why the devs pushed it to more XP.

  2. Radar & Visual updates look great i.e the UI

  3. I actually do get the silver planes now and golden planes so I understand this mechanic is functional but no overpowering without funding into the game.

  4. No time restrictions anymore until crew handling. Although this is a positive and negative for reasons.

Negatives —

  1. I think the current departures lack a term of reason. I.e pushback and it counts as the departure. At this point I may aswell shut the game re-open and let it all go away because I cannot keep up.

  2. The amount of ground crew available is really poor and I think it just creates a time burden.

  3. Why planes cannot use the high speed exits really frustrates me and I understand devs you want to make your game more management and decision based yes I understand this but I also want to be able to utilise the airport to full potential.

  4. Micromanagement yes I understand you want us to click buttons but im having to press literally a button for everything. Give us the option to recruit permanent ground handlers, tower options, taxiway management and runway operational management.

  5. I cannot differentiate destinations based on local, regional or international, i cannot filter a certain airline and it’s quite frustrating.

  6. I think we should be able to decide if we want a fast variant of game i.e current round trip time or if the map is 24 hrs based and is real world time. I think so we can schedule our own departures in 24 hrs based would be good. I would move to here than “Airlines Manager” because I use this to create real world routes and airlines.

Feature Ideas —

  1. Wind & Runway Operation’s
  2. Permanent Ground/Tower Staff.
  3. Monthly passes for different rewards (passive income for yourself then to fund development)

Until some of the above is fixed im sorry I really cannot play this game anymore because im bored. I dont actually enjoy the game anymore and I appreciate some people might like the changes but I personally don’t.

Thanks For Reading.


And also you need to manually move the Photos from game data to gallery in V2. I like the V1 when your photos automatically moved into gallery.

Also go around and aborted takeoff is a good idea.

I 100% agree the XP system is poorly implemented and airports are even more empty than before. I grinded for a full day and got nowhere. We should boycott the game and give it a bunch of bad reviews until the devs fix the issues

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Well, there are plans for a ‘tower manager’ in the future according to @TomMordon

Yes. This new feature is confirmed. Probably will be ready with new airport.