2.1 Update

Not all destinations carried over. Some were removed for a variety of reasons, such as it being out of range (you used to be able to get TAP A320s from LIS to IAD even though this is not possible)

If and when the A21N is introduced, this should be reconsidered since its an actual flight IRL

Sure, probably when the A320 is reworked. We’ll most likely get the A321 with it, and hopefully the 321neo after.

That’s just you, mine is the exact same

  1. Baggage loader instead of cargo for L and X planes?

  1. New takeoff position for S planes? What was wrong with the previously takeoff position?

I think L/X planes should utilize the containers instead of baggage like in the old version. In real life most use Containers for loading anyways

As for the take off position for the S planes, would cause a lot of pile ups at D when another is vacating the RWY at E, and also even though a CRJ or an ATR is considered small in game, it’s kind of unrealistic to have them depart from there. The DHC6 is fine sometimes

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Nope, most L/X and some M aircraft utilize ULDs and widebody loaders instead of beltloaders. It’s not all cargo, the containers mostly contain passenger baggage, the rest would have mail and freight.

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Yeah, I’m aware… It’s just the change from the previous version where Ls and Xs used to used cargo loader.

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Oh my bad, I just noticed the beltloader in the image :joy:

Yeah that’s odd, I guess that works? But for L/X aircraft that’s a little strange.

I agree this update complete ruined grinding and there’s no point you will play for endless hours and not get anywhere. These devs haven’t even addressed the complaints they made plane stand slower. Wollars never increased. This update basically made the game p2w and made it so that wherever you are now is the airport your stuck with until you open your wallet. And every time somebody complains on the App Store they always give that. The game is still free to play allowing you to unlock new planes and airports and content and blah blah blah. It’s free but you can’t really play anymore because of this BS update. 1.5 was better than 2.1 because at least the grind was reasonable

Regarding the complaints about too slow progression…

For me it’s not really too much of a grind. It took me about a week each to level up SXM and INN to the max. INN was fully equipped as I didn’t reset it before the update. I’m now in BRI and complete 1-2 levels per day of playing. I plan on playing one airport at a time for about 1-2 hours a day. And I haven’t paid any money, at all. But as the devs are making such a great job I think I should buy a few golden planes as a donation. Keeping the game ads-free (ads for in-game purchases that you don’t need to watch if you don’t want to don’t count) and the game free to purchase at the same time is amazing.

If it takes one week per airport to level up to the max (as it does for me so far) I think it is more than reasonable. Even if it’s three weeks…
The point of the game is in my opinion not to max out as quickly as possible. The point of any game really is to play it. What have you won if you’ve maxed out every airport within a month? At least this way you have a goal. Just casually play the game for an hour a day for a few months and enjoy it.


Yeah, hence the reason they increased the xp per level (because people were completing the levels so quickly). Also, I think the devs stated that they were not going to reset the levels anymore but instead, add more levels. Only problem with this, in my eyes, is the same problem with the golden plane in 1.5; the xp count for a level would eventually get really high…

If that’s the case, it would probably have to cap out at some point. Otherwise the grind would eventually be too much in the much later levels.

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Not everybody plays for 2 hours a day this game is right in the like of being a clicker game the new leveling system is bull. You can level up fast if you have like 30 players sending planes to you

Just enjoy the game guys! What’s the rush to max out all the airports? I just wish that control tower feature can come sooner :joy:

The fact that I can choose which airplane to land or takeoff and not be penalized for delays I think it’s a bliss. Still the control tower which lets airplanes land and takeoff automatically is a must.

All it needs is a toggle switch that lets you choose between takeoff has priority or landing has priority.

Yes PLEASE!!! With only one active runway, I really need that priority button we used to have. The ‘needs attention’ shows the planes ready to lineup, but that only stalls the planes that I need to land and fill up the spaces… if I’m not paying close attention I just click the LineUp bc they’re next; if there’s 7 waiting to takeoff, my airport stalls out and it takes forever to get anything back in progress….