2.2.0 Release notes

New Airport

  • LHR London Heathrow

New Features

  • Updated Home screen
  • WoApedia: Collection of completed contracts with real airlines
  • Home button now available from airport selection screen (and in WoApedia)
  • Almost 50 new airplane liveries of real airlines (detailed list on WoA Forum under “New Content / Liveries” category or “release-220” tag)
  • New B789 Special 2 custom livery
  • Almost 30 new destinations (details will be posted on WoA Forum under “New Content / Destinations” category or “release-220” tag)
  • Player-to-player contract extension feature
  • Notification for airplane owners when handling is finished in a random connection, including a list of players for direct contract formation. The airplane owner’s name is also saved for the receiving player at the specific airport
  • Airports are downloadable on demand from the Airport selection screen (Reduced game size)
  • Airplane path update: Showing blue line instead of yellow arrows. Can be switched ON/OFF by tapping Highlight Airplane icon.
  • Extra levels added for SXM airport (LHR is possible to be unlocked from SXM)
  • WoApedia Google/Apple leaderboard for the number of unlocked liveries
  • New livery unlocks in WoApedia displayed on the Rewards claiming screen after contract completion
  • Performance optimization on all airports (mainly at IAD)

Bug fixes

  • ATC voice error audio/sound fix
  • Tower Approach/Departure functionality fix for airports with dual runway operations (MCT, LEJ)
  • De-icing functionality fix for specific airplane models (B744, B77W, B88, B789, B78X, BCS1, BCS3)
  • Resolution of stuck maintenance issue with zero remaining/estimation time
  • Correction of airplane selling together with playing parking minigame bug (minigame not awarding XP points and incorrect Tower announcements)
  • Update issue fix for remaining handling time after assigning extra crew
  • Resolution of duplicated item in the Shop for +3 Contract capacity purchase at BRI Bari airport on iOS
  • Latin American Spanish language fixed
  • Minor corrections in various languages
  • Engine color swap fix on A319 aircraft Basic 2 livery
  • Fix for missing engine colors on B788, B789, and B78X Basic 2 livery
  • Interior lights correction on B788 windows
  • Window fix for AT76 aircraft on custom liveries Special 1-7
  • EZ Air airline flag correction
  • Removal of unnecessary bracket in “Roundtrip economy” table (Total compensation line)

Wow, I was not expecting this much, especially not the WOApedia.
I wonder what the new Home Screen would look like👀


Discord is going crazy over this again


Wow, did not expect LHR is came so quick I was hoping it would come in January or February of 2024.

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I think we still have at least another week to go

Never trust discord💀

Here’s the latest, we are on build 15, but clearly Kuba feels confident enough to release what is happening. There are still a few fixes to be made so I’m thinking Christmas right now because they released the info and what’s left to do. Am I certain of this, no, but things point in that direction


What about the a350?

We knew for a while not this update

I think for the next update 2.2 seems to be packed


Definitely not happening this update, maybe the next. It was all hands on deck for the devs to finish LHR


I guess it makes sense, thanks for the clarification

What does this bullet point mean? Not sure I understand

It will make more sense once you see it, but basically it’s part of the reward when you get XP and SP,


Can’t wait to see my local airport added to the game! I am also extremely glad to see the woapedia returning, as that was always one of my favourite features.

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I really hope it’s not gonna be like level 60 in SXM to unlock LHR
It’s hard enough to level up.
I really do hope they scale back the XP requirements atleast a tad cause it’s horrible tbh

They aren’t likely to scale it back and devs have allowed us to confirm that it will be level 57 to unlock LHR at SXM

Well I guess it’s back to grinding :smiling_face_with_tear::cry: