2.2.1 Release notes

New Features

  • Display of airline logos on cards with destination offers in the Map Contract tab
  • 3 new airplane liveries from real airlines (see detailed list on WoA Forum under ‘New Content / Liveries’ category or ‘release-221’ tag)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for LHR taxi bug at stands 221, 319, and 501-505
  • Adjustment of jet bridge positions at LHR stands 309 and 311
  • Correction of tower radio communication (counting from 1 to 99) issue
  • Fix for LHR Tower ‘Taxiing to RWY number’ communication
  • Simultaneous IN/OUT boarding and baggage handling on airplanes after game re-installation bug fix
  • Fix for the New Caledonia flag
  • WoApedia logos correction
  • Addition of missing airplanes in WoApedia (including special event airplanes, found under ‘Group by Airplanes’ - not yet in ‘Group by Airlines’)
  • Adjustment to LHR time zone settings
  • Fix for displaying Silver airplanes status in Main Menu after returning from the Airport selection screen
  • Anti-game crash tweak implemented for Android devices

Great work y’all!

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That was quick!

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Half of those I reported lol

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Awesome but i’m not sure if this was reported already but the approach angle is way too high for Heathrow’s 27L runway, the plane’s touch down at the end of the touchdown zone instead of landing in the centre of the touchdown zone (just like other WOA airports!). That’s all, i love the airport and i am currently playing it!! : D


hi Team of WOA please someone can tell me what is the advantage of the event while playing game?
cause the use of event contracts is permanent. I’m definitely losing it. please, is there some rewards granted to play events?

Thought that was realistic tbh as here in UK we have more dark hours then light and come May June is be more light hours then when it’s dark which only last five hours.

Good to see the addition aircraft, hopefully more in the New Year you guys deserve a break before fun starts all again.

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You get 5 xp on all event aircraft unless it’s special occasion then you get 1 Gold Plane.

thank you very much. god bless you and your family


This new change is very good, but these two companies seem a bit out of sync.

It’s also possible to look to the side. Sichuan Airlines and China Southern Airlines have some inconsistency in using pure English labels :rofl:

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Just like this
Sichuan Airlines

China Southern Airlines

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Sometimes it can’t be exact for a number of reasons, but send those to support@flyboys.games to see if they can be corrected