2.2.2 Release notes

New Features

  • New advanced airplane models: B463, B463F
  • New custom and airline liveries (see detailed list on WoA Forum under ‘New Content / Liveries’ category or ‘release-222’ tag)
  • Graphical tweaks at LHR Heathrow airport
  • Performance improvements
  • Added labels for no active contracts and no filtered contracts at Active Contracts tab
  • Shaking animation on “+” and “Start handling” buttons while tapping on particular handling services before assigning handling crew (before start of airplane handling)
  • EVA Air contracts now available also at NGO Nagoya airport

Bug fixes

  • LHR taxi bug fixes
  • Cannot start maintenance fix (airplane stuck in ‘Waiting for maintenance’ status, in case if connection partner cancels the contract)
  • Contract finished notification fix (previously contained wrong information that the contract were canceled, instead of finished)
  • Missing (blue dot) filter for active contracts of player airplanes (in case if at least one contract is waiting for acceptance)
  • Game crashing fix on iOS devices during switching of graphics level in game Video settings
  • Adjusted sending of player cargo airplanes (AN22, A3ST, A225) and pax airplanes (A388) to destinations
  • Fix for longer player names not being fully displayed in Main Menu (now they will be wrapped to a new line)
  • Corrected position of airplanes for auto-landing at LHR (centered on a runway line)
  • Amount of PAX/CARGO bug (showing zero amount) at information blueprint of full airplane after arrival of airplane to stand
  • LHR Heathrow airport environment/weather fix
  • A225 cargo loader fix + A225 tail camera fix
  • XP icon at airport level status box overlapping bug since 1000 XP points
  • Liveries paint fix (A124 Antonov Airlines paint inside engies, AT43F FedEx, A332F Basic 6 / Supreme 1, A333RR Brussels)

ig its not released yet?
On google play store, the latest version at the moment is still 2.2.1

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To the WOA Development team, Thank you all so much for your hard work!

I was wondering if you guys could consider remodeling the LHR taxiways to be more smooth and clean, as well as the alignment of taxiway lighting. This would greatly change the visuals to a another level as the current roughness is LHR’s weakest link.

Also, could we expect some stands that handle only S,M, and L to only have one jetway rather than 2. (This jetway would connect to the second door of the L plane, rather than the first.)


How many jetways each gate has is based on real life except the triple ones because they are not in game yet. Hopefully they will come soon tho😔

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So far, it’s looking great! I love the new 463 model :slight_smile:
Ther are a couple of obvious bugs, like logos not displaying on the new airlines, and Belgium being removed from the game.
Overall, tho, I really like it, nice job!

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I got the new update but London Heathrow still crashes on the loading screen and sometimes other airports will just randomly crash every 5 minutes. Please fix in next update.

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I seen it lots of times before the update was released that it has a question mark on it. I will recommend to report them to the Devs with the logos

Whist it’s good, sadly the reverse thrust aren’t working, and adding the pointless vehicles moving about the airport has made the airport laggy, even on the iPhone 14.

Would be super thankful if someone can show how Brussels A333 looking have changed after the update. Still have no idea in what part it got a modify

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I’ve not had this issue? I can access Belgian airports fine so I’m not understanding where everyone is getting this

If you are using an iPad. Change graphics to fast and it crashes a lot less

Does that work for lag as well?

Reverse thrust on B463? It doesn’t exist

Wasn’t on about the 146, every other aircraft that does.

Thank you for releasing another great update for the game! The smaller bug fixes and tweaks to the game make the gameplay a lot more pleasing and let’s not forget the B463 as well as the B463F which look amazing.